Single Cup Filter Coffee
in Minutes!

Brew barista quality coffee in a few easy steps with BrewSpoon

The new way to enjoy your favourite coffee!

(Works great for tea too)

How it Works

Fill It

Once open, fill your BrewSpoon with 15g to 18g of your favourite, coarsely ground coffee.

Cup It

Carefully place your sealed BrewSpoon in your empty cup and fill the cup with hot water.

Brew It

Stir for roughly 60 to 90 seconds until all the air is released from the BrewSpoon chamber and allow it to brew for 3 to 4 minutes. Remove and enjoy!

About BrewSpoon

Proudly South African

BrewSpoon was invented right here in Msanzi, in Bloemfontein actually, and also aims to develop the manufacturing sector in the Free State.

Seeing as it’s manufactured here – not in some far-away land – this means when you buy BrewSpoon you’re supporting a small, local business, in turn, helping our economy grow.

Since launching BrewSpoon in 2019, our team is proud to have won the Central University of Technology Staff Innovation Award.

We’re part of the #SupportLocal movement!

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Brewspoon gift box

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Since launch BrewSpoon has been loved by users and businesses alike.

Perhaps you own a coffee shop or a boutique hotel?

BrewSpoon is a fantastic addition to your current line of coffee equipment and we’d love to chat with you about supplying wholesale orders.

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