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+27Coffee 750g Trio



Can’t settle on one flavour? Try all three and save R75 (P.S. We’re certain you’ll love them all!).

You get:

1 x Brazil Cerrado 250g

1 x Ethiopia Sidamo 250g

1 x Uganda Mt. Elgon 250g

+27Coffee - Brazil Cerrado



This exceptional South American bean from the Cerrado region of Brazil is a 100% Arabica and the highest grade Brazilian coffee bean available.

Known for full-bodied mouthfeel, low acidity and an amazing overlapping variety of tastes including Dark Chocolate, Walnuts and Caramel, makes it the perfect coffee for any time of the day.

Strength: 3/5

+27Coffee - Ethiopia Sidamo



Referred to as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopian beans are know for their diverse and complex flavour profiles popular among those that enjoy a fruity and aromatic cup of coffee.

Our medium to dark Sidamo roast presents an intense lemony flavour and aroma with slight hints of Cane Sugar with an earthy aftertaste.

Strength: 4/5

+27Coffee - Uganda Mt. Elgon



Grown on the slopes of Mount Elgon and closely bordering Kenya, this coffee is always a firm favourite!

Uganda Mt. Elgon provides a well-balanced sweet cup with a clean finish and our medium roast brings out tasting notes of Milk Chocolate and Prunes with a slight hint of Black Tea.

Strength: 3/5

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